Welcome to 2023 Professioanl Prolight & Sound Guangzhou Exhibition

Sincerely invite you to visit our booth ( No 1 1G02 )

The 2021 Guangzhou Prolight & Sound exhibition ended successfully

The 2021 Guangzhou professional lighting and sound exhibition ended successfully on the afternoon of May 19th

Welcome to 2020 Prolight & Sound Guangzhou Exhibition

We sincerely invite you to visit our booth No 3 1-C02 and learn about our new products

High power and dual voice coil speaker

With the demand for outdoor performance audio market, people pursue light, high- power, high-efficiency audio

Designing patented products with unique characteristics

After years of operation and development, Hiwell have continuously invested in improving the product and designing patented products with unique characteristics

Officially landed on Made-in-China.com

Today, Hiwell Audio officially landed on Made-in-China com

Welcome to 2018 Prolight & Sound Guangzhou Exhibition

2018 Guangzhou International Professional Lighting and Sound Exhibition

Eight years contract with Alibaba

Hiwell Audio signed a contract with Alibaba s export platform for eight years